Aerial Inspections

Sky Cam Productions are aerial inspection specialists of wind turbines, windmills, power lines and bridges. Our services are not only cost effective, quicker and easier, they are also much safer as we use the latest drones/UAV's (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle) that allow remotely controlled inspections

Aerial Inspection Services

Delivering cost effective, safer aerial inspections

Wind Turbines


  • We carry out inspections throughout the year, both onshore and offshore.
  • You increase the safety for your inspection staff, since the application is controlled from the ground.
  • Wind turbines do not have to be shut down, and an inspection flight only takes approximately 15 minutes per wind turbine. This saves time and money.
  • Our UAV's can be equipped with various sensors, including thermal imager, video or digital cameras. They can also deliver images and videos from optimal perspectives that can later be analysed completely and accurately.
  • Our UAV's are easy to control and can fly autonomously along pre-defined flight routes.

Power Lines


  • Significant cost reduction compared to conventional methods such as helicopters, industrial climbers or cherry pickers, especially because the high-voltage power lines do not have to be shut down.
  • Reduction of inspection time by using a drone.
  • Improved quality due to high resolution images from optimum perspectives.
  • Increase of safety for inspection staff
  • Detection of damages after storms etc.



  • Cost reduction due to minimal staff and operating costs.
  • Inspection of all areas.
  • Reduced inspection time per bridge
  • Traffic can flow during inspection
  • Increased safety.
  • High resolution photos and videos show even tiny cracks, rust or concision.
  • Regular inspections (major and minor inspections, over flights).
  • Damage investigations, for example rust, water damage, storm damage.
  • GPS positioning for photography.
  • Separate user interfaces for UAV and cameraman.


Sky Cam Productions are an aerial filming, video production and photography company covering the whole of the UK. If you have a project that you would like to discuss then please call our friendly team on 01908 614 425

Contact Details

Telephone: 01908 614 425

Company Reg  No: 09293557

VAT No. GB 270 1416 38

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